Supporting Women

to Build Businesses of Passion, Purpose & Power.

By providing empowering training, coaching, networking and events for Female Business Owners.

So, whether you’re just starting to navigate the business world, or you want to elevate your business to the next level, we have something just for you!

Starting A Business

Discover all-bases-covered training, guidance and support with our HER Business Elite Academy programme, plus thrive within our community of business Superwomen in our membership club, to start and develop your business today!

Scaling A Business

Explore training videos, information packs and guidance with our Superwomen Membership Club that will celebrate your strengths and enable your business to flourish and grow!



Supporting Women To Achieve Business Success

Giving Female Business Owners empowering & collaborative training, coaching, networking & events.

So, whether you’re just starting to navigate the business world, or you want to elevate and scale your business to the next level, we have something just for you!

Unlock Your Full Potential & Say Hello to Your Inner SUPERWOMAN

16465 Women Supported

301 Businesses Started

21261 Online Followers

137 Events Per Year

About Us

Hi there! I'm Serena Fordham, Founder of HER Business Revolution.

From running my first business since 2013 I struggled to find a women's business network that included business training, coaching, networking and events under one umbrella, that was also super-supportive and made me feel truly empowered as a Business Superwoman - so I created my own in 2015!

Our Mission

To unite Female Entrepreneurs from all parts of the world – connecting, supporting and educating through networking events and online support- in order to help you to achieve the best possible life from your business.

To empower talented women just like you to build bigger, better and more profitable business.

Our Approach

To offer structured, strategic support with our multi-award-winning Superwomen Membership Club.

To provide personable, tailored support to all members through our friendly Facebook group, at events, or on a one-to-one basis.

To offer a wide range of fresh and innovative Networking, Training, Wellbeing and Empowerment Events – both in-person and online.

Our Values

To provide a consistent and constructive route forward for every one of our committed members.

To provide a welcoming, inclusive and collaborative, educational and empowerment platform like no other.

To bring out the passion and power behind your vision in order to bring your business dream to life!

Our Main Event


"I think I might be in line to earn the most I’ve ever earnt this month...I just did my books for July - If I keep going like that I’ll be very close to my goal of 100k a year!"

"Serena and HER Business Revolution helped me build the confidence I needed in my programs to raise my prices and create fair contracts that protect me. I am still adjusting to the large workload, but I just wanted to share this accomplishment as a whole. It is my accomplishment but also Serena's - We made it happen together!”

“I have spent my entire life wanting the career I have, but hearing my father, brother, boyfriends and husband across the decades all tell me my work is 'crap' and to 'get a real job'. I could not have done this without support from you, my daughter and a few close friends.”

Let Us Support You To Grow Your Business

Biz Training & Support

Sick of trawling Google for hit-or-miss advice?

Discover the on-the-mark training and support videos, bundles and our Business Booster Training Sessions (normally worth £/$500!).

This is the lifeline you’ve been searching for!

Business Growth Guidance

Start working smarter, not harder and learn business strategies needed to create a super-successful business based on your passion.

Maximise your earning potential and reach the state of emotional and financial freedom using your business!

Networking & Events

Want to break out of old habits and change up your approach to business?

Make the most of our Networking events, opportunities to collaborate with other members and workshops to open up a whole new world of possibility!

Don't Wait Any Longer. Set Your Goals. Take A Leap.

& Let Your Business Get You Your Dreams.

Start Forging Your Own Path Today!

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